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Say goodbye to broken leases. Improve your bottom line. All with Cios.

Offer renters a financial amenity they care about. Eliminate the risk of early lease terminations. Improve NOI and cash flow. All at no cost to you.

Offer month-to-month flexibility at zero risk

Ensure consistent 12-month cash flow

Zero cost to you

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How Does it Work?

Using data to improve your bottom line

We use machine learning on over 60 factors to accurately predict the risk of lease terminations and provide affordable coverage to renters.

Enroll Your Properties

Invite your renters to apply for coverage

Once enrolled, your renters can apply online through the Cios portal in under five minutes.

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We price coverage with machine learning

We analyze personal data, market data, and individual leases to provide a fast, accurate coverage.

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We integrate with your PMS to streamline data

We provide API integration or CSV drag-and-drop to keep data up-to-date and error-free

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Say goodbye to broken leases