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without breaking your lease.

Cios helps you find a landlord-approved replacement renter so you can move out early without paying penalties from breaking your lease..

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Save up to 88% vs your




lease break fee.

When you move out early, your landlord can charge you four months rent or more in lease break fees. With Cios, you only pay 15% of the remainder, since we find you a landlord-approved replacement renter.

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Save weeks of negotiations with your landlord.

We're already integrated with hundreds of apartments in


, so there's no negotiating or email back-and-forth with your landlord. Just upload your lease, tell us when you're move out, and we'll handle the rest.

Move out early without breaking your lease or paying penalties

Sign up in less than 5 minutes and move out early without breaking your lease or paying penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cios?

Cios is a platform that allows you to move out early without breaking your lease. We help renters like you move to take new jobs, move in with their significant other, and close their dream homes without remaining responsible for thousands of dollars of rent.

How does Cios Work?

The Cios platform connects you with a replacement renter if you move out early. In many states, this is a legal requirement regardless if you want to terminate your lease early.

To make the hand-off easy and stress-free, you can submit your initial request, keep tabs on progress, and check-out online from the comfort of your phone.

What do I have to pay for Cios?

There are no upfront fees to use Cios. We charge a simple 15% service fee per month for each month remaining on your lease to cover the costs of managing the lease termination process.

For example, if you had 5 months remaining on a $1100 per month lease, you would be charged $165 per month for 5 months after moving out — a savings of 75% and dozens of hours of your time compared to the typical lease break penalty of 3 months rent.

What is the typical penalty for breaking my lease?

Without Cios, a typical penalty for breaking an apartment lease could be anything from 2 months of rent to the entire remainder of the contract in one payment. In some states, leaving an apartment lease with no forewarning and reason could face a lawsuit and additional legal fees.

We estimate that most property managers across the US charge 3 months rent on average for breaking an apartment lease due to early termination.

Do I get my original deposit back?

Yes, you will receive your original deposit back through Cios after your replacement renter has paid their deposit through our platform.

About Us

Empowering people to move when they need to move.

We believe that people deserve the freedom of mobility, whether they rent or own. We believe that this freedom shouldn't come at the cost of anyone else, and we believe it doesn't have to. We believe in a world where you can move when you need to move, without going through a lawyer.

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