About Us

Empowering people to move when they need to move.

Our Mission

We believe that people deserve the freedom of mobility, whether they rent or own. We believe that this freedom shouldn't come at the cost of anyone else, and we believe it doesn't have to. We believe in a world where you can move when you need to move, without going through a lawyer.

Our Story

We started in Cios in 2022 from our own experiences as renters and frequent movers. When we moved to the US, we couldn't believe how expensive it was to get out of a lease.

When we dug deeper, we couldn't believe how many people were in the same situation that we were in — from friends and colleagues to people off the street that we had never met before. From there, built our vision of a friendlier way to rent, for both renters and property managers alike.

Today, we're proud to be partnering with leading property managers and owners across the country who share our vision, working together to make renting a more flexible and accommodating experience for everyone.

Photo of city downtown

Our Values

Make decisions with data: We make informed decisions by carefully analyzing data and considering multiple perspectives before taking action.

Have strong opinions, weakly held: We value open-mindedness and the ability to change our opinions when presented with new information or perspectives.

Ask for forgiveness, not permission: We empower our team members to take initiative and make bold decisions, learning from any mistakes along the way.

Be a contrarian: We encourage innovative thinking and challenging the status quo in order to find better solutions and drive positive change.

Our Leadership Team

Our founders are frequent movers and renters who have led marketing, sales, engineering, and product teams at transformational companies and startups alike.

Photo of Terry Wang

Terry Wang

Co-Founder / CEO


Terry has led marketing and product teams at multiple venture-backed startups. At Welbi, Terry helped the team sign some of the largest senior living communities in Canada and partner with the largest EHR provider in the industry. Previously at FreightPath, he helped take the startup from $0 to $500K ARR.

Photo of Victor Peter

Victor Peter

Co-Founder / CTO


Victor is ex-Google, ex-Snap software engineer and technical leader. Before joining Cios, Victor led the engineering teams of multiple venture-backed startups in Europe, including crypto-enabled BNPL flight-buying service Flywallet (flywallet.io) and metaverse content platform RD Land (rdland.io).