Flexibility is the missing ingredient in your resident experience

Our flexible leasing platform allows residents to relocate anytime, for any reason, without adding risk for owner-operators. Elevate your resident experience, reduce risk, & unlock new revenue streams.

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Our Platform

Give residents the flexibility to move on their own terms

Our flexible leasing platform is the missing ingredient in your resident experience. Empower your residents with the freedom to move anytime, for any reason, without incurring added risk.

Lease Flexibility

Flexibility for residents to move anytime, for any reason

Make any lease flexible, and allow residents to relocate anytime with up to six months of vacancy coverage.

Lease Cancellation

Flexibility for residents to cancel their move-in

Allow residents to pre-lease units up to 12 months in advance of move-in with the flexibility to cancel anytime.

Unlock new revenue streams without adding risk

Your challenges with traditional policies

1-2 months rent break fee
No coverage for turn costs
30-60 day notice period
Will lease break fees pay for extended vacancies in off-peak leasing months?
Will tenants pay lease break fees and outstanding rent on time?
Could lease break fees lead to negative reviews from former tenants?
Is my team equipped to handle the admin challenges of re-leasing?

With flexible leasing from Cios

Up to 6 months of rent coverage
Up to $500 of turn cost coverage
Any time, any reason
Get covered for up to 6 months of rent for early moves in any season.
Get paid instantly upon tenant move-out with no risk of delinquency.
Deliver flexible, accommodating move-out experience that leads to positive reviews.
Automate the admin challenges of early terminations and re-leasing.

Turn early move-outs from a cost center into revenue

Early move-outs and re-lets don't have to be a cost center for your properties. Cios gives you the ability to improve your end-to-end resident experience while creating new revenue streams with flexible leasing.

Vacancy Losses are Severe


The average early move-out creates $8,200 in expected vacancy losses.

*Based on $1,943 per month rent

Early Move-Outs are Frequent


Of leases from 2019 to 2023 ended before the end of the signed term.

*Across major metropolitan areas

Flexible Leasing Rev Share


Unlocked in new annual revenue per unit with flexible leasing

*Based on $1,943 per month rent

Longer leases, signed faster

Flexible leasing helps your leasing team address key resident objections during leasing to extend average lease terms and minimize average days-to-lease.

43% Longer Leases

Residents who opted into flexible leasing signed leases 43% longer than average.

78% Faster Leasing

Residents who opted into flexible leasing applied in < 3 days post-tour on average.

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Prevent fees from damaging your resident experience

Don't let fees damage the resident experience you worked hard to build. Post-move-out fees make 79% of residents less loyal to brands and individual properties that charge them.

Negative Resident Reviews

42% of residents say that post-move-out fees significantly impact their apartment reviews.

Impact on Experience

84% of residents say experience is just as important as your physical apartment product.

What is flexible leasing?

Flexible leasing is a new platform of rental flexibility add-ons that we've designed to be complementary to your existing resident insurance products.

No matter what you manage, we’ve got you covered

Discover our specialized flexible leasing solutions for multifamily, student housing, and brokers & agents.

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