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Why you should care about hidden fees in your lease

Nearly every landlord will charge you hidden fees to move out early, even for legitimate reasons like job relocation.

You could pay thousands of dollars in fees if you:

Relocate for a new job offer
Lose your job or get laid off
Purchase your first home
Separate or get divorced
Get married or enter a civil union
... and much, much more.

See what hidden fees are in your lease.

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What can hidden fees in your lease cost you?

If you live in the US, your lease will either contain either a lease buyout clause, a re-let clause, or a rent acceleration clause.

Lease Buyouts

Pay a flat fee and you're off the hook once you move out.

Avg Lost:
$4,100 to $6,150 (2 to 3 months rent)


Pay a flat fee plus monthly rent until a replacement tenant is found.

Avg Lost:
$2,050 to $8,200 (1 to 4+ months rent)

Rent Acceleration

Pay the remaining rent on your lease upfront.

Avg Lost:
$2,050 to $22,550 (All remaining rent)
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See what's hidden in your lease.

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Lease Flexibility Coverage

With Lease Flexibility Coverage from Cios, you're covered for costs of up to six full months of rent, giving you back the freedom you were promised when you started renting. When your get your lease report, you can get an exclusive discount code to order.

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