Elevate your resident experience with flexible leasing

Elevate the resident experience of your multifamily portfolio with an embedded, turnkey platform that gives residents the flexibility to move on their own terms.

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Turnkey platform. No integration required.

Forget everything you know about proptech. Our turnkey platform allows you to deliver a seamless flexible leasing experience for your residents in days, not weeks.

Cios step 1 - embed signup

Add Cios to your existing rental application

Add our simple language and embed to your existing rental application.

Cios step 2 - forward leases

Forward leases that have opted into flexible leasing

BCC executed leases that have opted into flexible leasing to Cios.

Cios step 3 - we handle activation

Cios handles product activation for residents

Residents activate their products through our turnkey online platform.

Our Platform

Flexible leasing for residents without adding risk

Our flexible leasing platform allows you to give residents the flexibility to move any time, for any reason, without adding risk to your balance sheet.

Lease Flexibility

Flexibility for residents to move anytime, for any reason

Make any lease flexible, and allow residents to relocate anytime with up to six months of vacancy coverage.

Lease Cancellation

Flexibility for residents to cancel their move-in

Allow residents to pre-lease units up to 12 months in advance of move-in with the flexibility to cancel anytime.

Sign longer, higher revenue leases faster

Flexible leasing gives residents the peace of mind they need to sign longer, more lucrative leases with your leasing team.


Longer Leases with Lease Flexibility

Residents who purchased Lease Flexibility signed leases 43% longer than average.

Faster Leasing with Lease Cancellation

Residents who purchased Lease Cancellation applied under 3 days post-tour on average.
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What is flexible leasing?

Flexible leasing is a new platform of rental flexibility add-ons that we've designed to be complementary to your existing resident insurance products.

No matter what you manage, we’ve got you covered

Discover our specialized flexible leasing solutions for multifamily, student housing, and brokers & agents.

Ready to elevate your resident experience with flexible leasing?